M+M Engagement

On May 27th, the four of us (Matt, Megan, Joel and I) hopped into the Forerunner at 3:30am and took off for Matt and Megan’s Sedona engagement photo shoot. I was waiting for just the right time to post these photos and now is that time. Here’s why:

Matt has been in D.C. since the very beginning of June for clinical rotations. THIS week his dad flew out and they loaded up the car to drive all the way to Arizona… Back home! Back to Megan!

Yesterday I texted him, “… I was thinking about what I could write… but then it dawned on me. It would be way more special to have in your words. So, today, when your dad is driving will you please spend a few minutes writing down your love story? It doesn’t have to be super duper long or thorough, just as much as you are willing to share and maybe why you fell in love with Megan in the first place? :)”

In my inbox this morning was the most precious email I’ve ever received. I read it, I laughed, I awhhhh-ed a lot, and I balled like a baby!!!

Below is Megan’s love story through Matt’s eyes. Brace yourself.

“It was January 2016, the first week of school for the spring semester and time for my first biochemistry class. I found an open seat next to one of my friends and class started. Near the end of the class, we had a small group assignment we had to work on in groups with the people around us. I turned around to see the two girls behind us that would be our partners. And what do you know, I’m in a group with the most beautiful girl in the class...the school...the world! Megan Konves. Fast forward a couple weeks. I’m minding my own business and I get a friend request on Facebook from Megan. Perfect! Now I can find out what I’ve been wondering all along. So I accept the request, go to her profile, and that’s when I see it: “In a relationship.” Shoot. But I didn’t let it get me down. Anything could happen. We didn’t talk much, but I played it cool in class and tried my best to not be an idiot in front of her to at least keep my chances alive. Fast forward quite a bit further, all the way to the end of the summer, right before the fall semester begins. I was at work doing my thing and guess who walks by! Megan! What was she doing there? Oh yeah, I told her she should apply to work at tech support for GCU last school year when she was looking for a job. Honestly, I forgot all about that, and her altogether; but there she is! I texted her later that day to see how her interview went and ask her about her class schedule for the next school year. It seems like an innocent little question, but I was secretly hoping we would have every class together. We had two classes scheduled together, but it gets better; one of them was a lab. Do you know what that means? Lab partners! But I was letting myself get carried away. There was still one roadblock between us. So I opened up the Facebook app on my phone and went to her profile again. I was looking everywhere, hoping I’d see the word “Single,” but it wasn’t there. However, it also didn’t say she was in a relationship either. So I took this as a green light and went for it. I was all in. First day of lab comes around, I ask her to be my lab partner. She gets the job at tech support, I spend an unjustifiable amount of time “training” the new girl. Our first test comes around, I ask her to study together. I was so in there. But I was at a crucial point. We were about a month into school. I’d consider us pretty good friends by now. But we couldn’t become toooo good of friends or the friend zone would close in around me and I’d be trapped forever. So, I asked her one of the two most important questions I’ve ever asked, “Megan, do you wanna go out together this Friday.” I don’t know if maybe she got confused or didn’t hear me right, but for whatever reason she said yes! We started going on dates basically every weekend, and on December 10, 2016, it finally became “official.” Everyday we spent together was perfect and everyday I realized more and more how much I loved her and wanted to spend my life with her. We shared similar interests, she loved Jesus, I could talk to her about science and she wouldn’t think I was lame; she was exactly what I’d been asking God for. I wanted to keep having these perfect days for the rest of my life, so on April 21, 2018 on the Soleri Bridge in Scottsdale, Arizona, I asked the other of the two most important questions I’ve ever asked, “Megan, will you marry me?” This is where things got a little sketchy. I wish I was joking right now, but the first words out of her mouth were, “No way!” Fortunately, after she clarified that she was just shocked, she told me me that she did indeed want to marry me! The next month after our engagement was wonderful, just like all of the other months we spent together. But after that, things got a little harder. As a perfusion student (if you’re like most people and think that means I’m studying perfume, feel free to google the word “perfusionist”), I’m spending a year doing clinical rotations around the country, which means Megan and I are spending the year up until our wedding apart from each other. Let me tell ya, it sucks. It’s the hardest thing I’ve done and it definitely makes me appreciate the time we do have together even more. While I write this, I’m traveling home from Washington, D.C. to spend a few days with Megan before I move to Los Angeles for the next six months. Being apart has made me much more thankful for FaceTime than I ever was before and has only made me realize even more how much I love Megan and how eager I am to marry her. So in June 2019, the day after I graduate, I’m gonna throw on a suit, make myself look as decent as possible, stand with my best friends in front of 200 people, and watch that very same beautiful girl from my biochemistry class walk down the aisle on her way to be my wife.”  


This entire wedding day was such a dream! After the ceremony at the Wedding Bowl in La Jolla, California, all the guests enjoyed a .7 mile walk to George's at the Cove. Bailey's sweet step-daddy rented the entire Level2 of George's for the reception. The food was PHENOMENAL, it had an upscale patio vibe, there was a nice breeze in the shade with a gorgeous view of the cove and sea. After the delicious meal, precious family dances, eloquent toasts, and the cutting of the cake... I had to go to the bathroom REAL bad. Haha, so I walked downstairs to the main level and there was Bailey in the bathroom with Danielle and Lauren, two of her bridesmaids. They were taking the braid out of her hair so it would look nice and flowy for her sunset photo shoot. I just have to take a moment to sing Bailey's praises! She is seriously one of the most welcoming, sweet, and gracious people ever. She, knowing that I'm a photographer AND that I brought my camera, even though I wasn't the official photographer, kindly invited me to come take pictures as well! Without hesitation I said yes! I ran back upstairs grabbed my camera bag, and my boyfriend who frequently doubles as my "Second Shooter" or "Best Pack Mule of all Time"... and by the time Joel and I got to our meeting spot to drive to the location with them... they had already left! I however wasn't going to give up that easy so we took off speed walking and then running almost a mile, in flip flops and dress shoes! I made it down the slippery cliffside just in time to take pictures with the other photographers and help pose the bride and groom, as the sun was dipping below the horizon. The location was perfect and the bride and groom were absolutely stunning! About four minutes after the sun said goodbye for the night, the other photographers left. I said to Andrew and Bailey, “There’s still daylight!! Do you guys wanna keep going??” They happily said yes!! We kept playing on the beach for another 30 minutes or more and created memories and photos to last a lifetime! By the time we finished it was almost completely dark out, we had zero cell reception aaaaaand no car. Haha, so the four of us walked a mile back to the hotel. It made the adventure last a little longer and made a little more memorable! I love you, Andrew and Bailey. Thank for being my first real (but definitely not last) beach photo shoot, y’all killed it!

Andrew + Bailey (Wedding ceremony)

This was such a gorgeous wedding, in La Jolla California at popular wedding spot called the Wedding Bowl. For the ceremony, I was just a guest... with my camera! Haha, so these photos were taken from my seat. I hope to go back to this location some day to photograph another wedding! It's such a dreamy spot!

I've known Andrew for... well since he was born! And I've known Bailey since they started dating. I couldn't be more proud of them and how far they've come in their walk with the Lord and their love for each other! They are so much fun to be around and I must say, those two wrote the most beautiful vows I've ever heard! Such a blessing it was to be there for this special day as they began the rest of their lives. 

Click on the photo below to enlarge, then you can look through them using the right arrow key on your key board or by clicking the right arrow with your mouse. 

Be sure to see my next post for photos of just Andrew and Bailey... on the beach... at sunset! Such a fairy tale! 

Matt Proposes to Megan

Y'all.... My best friend no longer has a boyfriend... she has a FIANCE!!

As kids, Megan & I loved playing "spies." Seriously though we were pretty much obsessed with that game to the point that we even wrote, directed & produced our own "show." Who was the main character? You guessed it, a SPY/Secret Agent. On Saturday, April 21st, 2018 I had the pleasure of being a spy again. Except this time I was "spying" on Megan as the love of her life proposed to her on bended knee. It was surreal and wonderful and I'm still just so elated!
Thank you so much, Matt for asking me to capture this unforgettable moment for you two! 

P.S. If you're a dude and fixin' to propose soon I'd love to secretly capture the moment for you and your soon to be fiance! If you're a lady and you want the moment he asks you to be his wife to be captured... tell him! 

Haleigh's Dallas Photo Shoot

Haleigh & I were in Dallas over the weekend for a business convention and she asked me to snap a few special photos for her downtown... So of course I said YES!! We had such a fun time together exploring down town, laughing together, encouraging each other and taking these pictures. She is a beautiful, strong, radiant woman and her joy is positively infectious!

The Enchanting, Elegant, Encouraging & Extraordinary Emily

On March 2nd Emily texted me inquiring about a photo shoot... Needless to say I was ELATED!  On March 4th I was brainstorming where we could go for a sunrise, desert landscape, not too far from Emily's house location. On March 5th at 5:00am I was rolling out of bed to go scout out the location... and FINALLY on March 6th I was hiking up the mountain with Emily in her sneakers and dress to that spot! The Lord allowed the stars to align on this day just for us. I remembered my camera battery for one, we arrived at our spot before sunrise, the wind was in our favor, the sunrise was almost as breathtaking as Emily ;) , we both only almost fell off the mountain once, we laughed a LOT... and two hot air balloons decided to join in the fun! Wow. I am grateful for this adventure with Emily, these photos are an answer to prayer. I'm so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to snap these pictures at just the right moment to capture the TRUE beauty of Emily. I am literally in awe of how gorgeous she is, the radiance of her heart shines so brightly through her smiles and darling laugh! A photo shoot should be history in the making. You get to go behind the scenes, even though you're in front of the camera, creating a happy memory! The outcome won't just be pretty photos in a frame. For you, it will be a fun memory that you get to relive over and over again. That's exactly what happened in this photo shoot. Praise The Lord! Emily's wonderful, crazy, hectic, stressful, and awesome Junior year of college won't soon be forgotten. 

Rosanne's Darling Family

'Tis the season for Family Photos! Talk about a fun family. My mom works with Rosanne and has told me that she is sweet, happy, friendly, cheerful person to be around and to work with. It was so nice to finally meet her and her whole family and capture these photos for them while everyone was in town. There were lots of laughs during this photo shoot, just the way I like it!


This is Grace, my beautiful, fraternal twin sister. She is the most loving person I know.  She challenges me every day. . . To have patience, to be a better person, to laugh more often and to eat mac'n'cheese as much as possible. Gracie has this weird ability to make me laugh the hardest of anyone and yet she can irritate me the most out of anyone. I am so thankful to have her in my life. I can't even imagine what my life would look like without her. God has used her to help grow, stretch, and shape me into the person I am today. It has never been easy being her sister but it has been so worth it and I'm so blessed to have a front row seat to see how God is using her to spread hope, joy and love.