The Enchanting, Elegant, Encouraging & Extraordinary Emily

On March 2nd Emily texted me inquiring about a photo shoot... Needless to say I was ELATED!  On March 4th I was brainstorming where we could go for a sunrise, desert landscape, not too far from Emily's house location. On March 5th at 5:00am I was rolling out of bed to go scout out the location... and FINALLY on March 6th I was hiking up the mountain with Emily in her sneakers and dress to that spot! The Lord allowed the stars to align on this day just for us. I remembered my camera battery for one, we arrived at our spot before sunrise, the wind was in our favor, the sunrise was almost as breathtaking as Emily ;) , we both only almost fell off the mountain once, we laughed a LOT... and two hot air balloons decided to join in the fun! Wow. I am grateful for this adventure with Emily, these photos are an answer to prayer. I'm so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to snap these pictures at just the right moment to capture the TRUE beauty of Emily. I am literally in awe of how gorgeous she is, the radiance of her heart shines so brightly through her smiles and darling laugh! A photo shoot should be history in the making. You get to go behind the scenes, even though you're in front of the camera, creating a happy memory! The outcome won't just be pretty photos in a frame. For you, it will be a fun memory that you get to relive over and over again. That's exactly what happened in this photo shoot. Praise The Lord! Emily's wonderful, crazy, hectic, stressful, and awesome Junior year of college won't soon be forgotten.