This entire wedding day was such a dream! After the ceremony at the Wedding Bowl in La Jolla, California, all the guests enjoyed a .7 mile walk to George's at the Cove. Bailey's sweet step-daddy rented the entire Level2 of George's for the reception. The food was PHENOMENAL, it had an upscale patio vibe, there was a nice breeze in the shade with a gorgeous view of the cove and sea. After the delicious meal, precious family dances, eloquent toasts, and the cutting of the cake... I had to go to the bathroom REAL bad. Haha, so I walked downstairs to the main level and there was Bailey in the bathroom with Danielle and Lauren, two of her bridesmaids. They were taking the braid out of her hair so it would look nice and flowy for her sunset photo shoot. I just have to take a moment to sing Bailey's praises! She is seriously one of the most welcoming, sweet, and gracious people ever. She, knowing that I'm a photographer AND that I brought my camera, even though I wasn't the official photographer, kindly invited me to come take pictures as well! Without hesitation I said yes! I ran back upstairs grabbed my camera bag, and my boyfriend who frequently doubles as my "Second Shooter" or "Best Pack Mule of all Time"... and by the time Joel and I got to our meeting spot to drive to the location with them... they had already left! I however wasn't going to give up that easy so we took off speed walking and then running almost a mile, in flip flops and dress shoes! I made it down the slippery cliffside just in time to take pictures with the other photographers and help pose the bride and groom, as the sun was dipping below the horizon. The location was perfect and the bride and groom were absolutely stunning! About four minutes after the sun said goodbye for the night, the other photographers left. I said to Andrew and Bailey, “There’s still daylight!! Do you guys wanna keep going??” They happily said yes!! We kept playing on the beach for another 30 minutes or more and created memories and photos to last a lifetime! By the time we finished it was almost completely dark out, we had zero cell reception aaaaaand no car. Haha, so the four of us walked a mile back to the hotel. It made the adventure last a little longer and made a little more memorable! I love you, Andrew and Bailey. Thank for being my first real (but definitely not last) beach photo shoot, y’all killed it!